New World Hotel Eateries – Jasmine and CinnaBar

Menu and Free Appetizer

When traveling I always like to try out some of the hotel food as sometimes you can find some really good restaurants at a hotel.  One night I ate at Jasmine Restaurant, which specializes in Cantonese cuisine, located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The restaurant is nicely decorated in a chic art deco design and more on the upscale side. The food was really good. I ordered fried rice and some spicy shrimp in tomato sauce (one of my hubby’s favorites in the states). The portion size of the rice was really large as it is enough to share with a few people, but the shrimp was just enough for one person. If you are in a group I would suggest ordering multiple entrees as usual when you eat Chinese food.

Spicy Shrimp in Tomato Sauce and Fried Rice

They had a Belvedere lemon drop on the beverage menu in the cocktail section. It took them forever to bring me my drink and when they brought it, it was in a glass that you would drink a scotch or vodka.  It looked just like vodka with a little bWorld's Smallest Lemon Dropit of lemon in it. I said it wasn’t a lemon drop so they had the hotel bar make one that took FOREVER again. When I received the hotel bar lemon drop it was the worlds tiniest lemon drop LOL I just said it was fine as they were trying. They were so sweet and accommodating that I couldn’t bother to say anything. Plus, it actually tasted like a lemon drop, but this really was really just a “drop.” I should have just kept the first one they gave me 🙂  Perhaps a lemon drop here in Makati is something different, though I thought a lemon drop was the same everywhere.

The chef came over and greeted me during the meal and asked if I liked my food so I really can’t complain about the place. You don’t have the chef come out and greet you the majority of the time when you’re eating, well at least not at the restaurants I go to. 


Interesting menu Item

Menu item at Jasmine Restaurant

The hotel also has a bar/lounge area where you can order drinks and small plates. The hotel only offers WiFi in the lounge so this is an area that is frequently visited. One day after work I went to the CinnaBar and sat outside. They have a Koi pond and most important, ceiling fans that make the atmosphere nice and relaxing. It is a nice place to grab a drink or quick bite to eat in a calm setting.

Key Lime Martini at the CinnaBar

That’s today’s thoughts (TTT)…


5 thoughts on “New World Hotel Eateries – Jasmine and CinnaBar

  1. MMMMMMMM fried pigeon.. You can make a killing selling that here. Im sure the city would love a solution to there rats with wings problems. LOL But so far you sound like you are really enjoying the food and people. It must have been really nice to meet the chef that made your food. Kinda reminds me of the movie The Last Holiday when chef Deedeei comes out to meet Queen Latifas(sp) character. I cant thing of her name right now. But im guessing you were not all dressed up in a cocktail dress.
    Still waiting on your impression of real lumpias.

    • I had “real” lumpia today at lunch. Only 40 PHP for 3, which is about 90 cents. They were yummy. Didn’t taste any different then lumpia from ones I have had in the states. Maybe it’s because I’ve had homemade lumpia as well as lumpia from Goldilocks.

  2. I’m so jealous of food like this. I was in Makati last September but for less than 24 hours so not much time to do an extensive food tripping…

  3. The food and the drinks look real yummy, Must be nice to eat out for every meal and have the company pay for it. I think the problem with the lemon drop order might have been that they got all kinds, lemon drop martini and a lemon drop shot. Ive only had the shot, (which is super yummy)!! n e ways miss you much jessie. When do you fly back?

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