My Life Into Two Suitcases

How do you pack for six months? I have no idea! I’m frantic thinking about what I might forget.  I’m extremely worried about not having enough hair products or ingredients for my body scrub (I have been obsessed with making my own scrub for the past four months). I started packing this evening and ended up with 17 pairs of shoes. It is hard when trying to pack for work and pleasure. I need hiking shoes, water shoes, pumps, sandals and flip-flops! And that’s just the shoes! Ugh! If this is how my suitcase looks already I’m not sure if I will be able to fit in all the rest of my crap. Well time to stop complaining and try to pack the rest of my life up into two suitcases. Thats todays thoughts (TTT)!


8 thoughts on “My Life Into Two Suitcases

  1. Greetings, If you have a 23kilo bag limit then there is no point packing 1kg bottles of toiletries, which you can easily buy at the other end.

    Go to a vintage shop at the other end and buy extra nice clothes and shoes and send a box home by sea if you want to keep it, much cheaper than excess baggage charge but takes 1-3 months.

    Where are you going?

    Enjoy your trip!

    • I am flying business class so get two bags 70 lbs. each so I should be good. I am going to the Philippines so you can get a lot of things there, but not everything unfortunately. I will end up shipping stuff back home I’m sure.

      • Oh nice, business class, should be a lot easier then. yep you should be able to buy a whole wardrobe. I was pick up shorts and leather bags in Thailand, and they last if you find the right shops.

  2. Dang…I can’t even imagine. Rest your mind and stop stressin. You can always have me send whatever you may need. Especially the oils and hair products. I have found a lot in texas. Mail service can get anything anywhere. Somehow my mother always amazes me when I get little necessities and nick nacks in the mail. You know ahs always out shoppin.

  3. I’m quite excited for you! 🙂 and you have a lot of shoes! I agree with bringing your essentials and buying the other stuff here because the prices are easy on the pockets. 🙂 can’t wait for your next entry when your here in Manila already.

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