Raphael, Lenny and Dave!

So on Valentine’s Day I ditched the hubby (I know I’m bad, but when did guys ever care about V-day?) and went to the Lenny Kravitz concert at the Fox Theatre in Oakland with my good buddy Ty. Her brother Chance plays for Raphael Saadiq so she got free tix and I was her date for the night ūüôā

Raphael was amazing and her brother sang during one of the songs and man does he have some lungs! They put on a great show and were a great opener for Lenny.

We were in the V.I.P. section which was definitely a plus. Between sets of Raphael and Lenny I swore I saw a celebrity in V.I.P. but I shook it off and said no it’s not him. Later on in the show, Chance came over to talk to us and said “hey that’s Dave Chappelle!” No joke it was who I thought it was! Okay so if you have never seen the Dave Chappelle show you don’t know what you are missing. It is hilarious (kind of like Nick Cannon) Ha! Well you have to¬†be ready for¬†sketch comedy¬†that isn’t necessarily PC so if you’re not into that don’t watch it.¬†So back in the day my hubby would watch the Dave Chappelle show over and over again! It ended after only 3 seasons (well a partial 3rd season), but not because the show wasn’t popular, but because Dave needed to find himself I guess. Anyways, I knew my hubby would never let me live it down if I didn’t go say hi so I went up and introduced myself, he shook my hand and gave me a hug. I told him my hubby and I love him and then I said bye. Sorry folks no pics. I know Dave is a very private person. I so wanted to say one of his famous quotes. First one that came to mind was “I’m going to tell you something¬†Joe Rogan that you might not know, I¬†smoke rocks,” but I remember hearing a few years ago that he hates it when people quote his show. So I left it just that. I was excited to meet him because I’ve seen his show a bazillion times. His sketches of Rick James, Prince,¬†Fear Factor, Wayne Brady are so funny. Well a lot of his sketches are funny, but those are just to name a few.

Okay and now on to Lenny! He is AMAZING! I don’t have much to say except he sounds just like he does on his cds. See the slide show for pics. I definitely have to add Lenny to my list of great concerts I have been to¬†along with Adele, Prince, Alicia Keys and Maxwell!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though I did ditch the hubby on V-day he was very sweet to get me Cadbury eggs because he knows I love them and didn’t think I would get them in the Philippines. Thank you hubby for the gift! They were yummy! *drool*



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