Batangas Trip

I will make sure not to bore you in this blog with work stuff. Plus, I’m in HR and most of the stuff is confidential anyways :), but I will mention little work bits here and there. After all, work is the whole reason I am here in the beautiful Philippines.

As you know I arrived in Manila on Saturday morning. I specifically rushed to get to Manila this past weekend so I could make it to this two-day offsite meeting for the group I will be supporting. It’s amazing to think that I was offered to take this assignment about mid December and here I am two months later already living in Manila! Crazy, but such is life! NEWho, we set off early Monday morning via Coasters (bus/van. Kind of like shuttle buses in the US) to Pico De Loro in Batangas (if you have read some of my earlier posts you know I went to Batangas during my business trip in January and never posted. Yes, that post is still to come). The ride up to Batangas was shorter than last time as it was on a Monday and not on the weekend. Pico De Loro Resort was beautiful! I don’t have many pics:

  1. I was working
  2. I left my USB cord to upload my pictures from my camera back in Cali so have to wait for the hubby to bring it when he comes. I searched all over Makati and apparently Fuji is not popular as I went to about 15 stores to try to find this darn cord and no luck. So I’m stuck with my trusty iPhone camera.
  3. iPhone cameras kinda suck, well sometimes. So I tend not to take too many pics with the camera so you’re kind of SOL for the next week and a half.


I do have to share that I had my first videoke experience. It took me a few hours to get the nerves up and a few less people (About 20. Our entire group consisted of about 60 people). When most people had gone to bed the group finally convinced me to sing. They took a ton of pictures so I’m sure I will have pics to share eventually.

So what was my first song you ask? What else then Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” First of all I suck at knowing names of songs. Until I hear the song then I will be like “ohhhhh I know that song.” So I chose a classic. So lessons learned from my first videoke experience:

  • I suck at singing
  • I suck at singing
  • I suck at singing
  • Oh and I suck at singing

apparently in the Filipino culture they don’t care if you suck at singing. They just enjoy hearing the songs and enjoying the companionship of being with friends. My team was very supportive as they all sang and danced with me even as my voice cracked and basically ran out like I had been at a concert yelling at the top of my lungs for hours. I’m sure this is only the first of many videoke experiences here in the Philippines.

On our way back from Batangas we suddenly pulled over. I saw a uniformed guard pointing to the coasters and we all pulled off to the side. Everyone started talking in Tagalog really fast and were pulling out their phones. I’m thinking “oh crap, what is going on?! Are we all going to get hauled off the coaster and have our IDs checked? Am I going to jail already after only being in the Philippines for a few days?” Also there was a guy holding all these knives. I was really confused. Little did I know we were stopping at the famous Rowena’s Cafe in Tagaytay. The armed guard was just security for the cafe directing traffic, my co-workers were pulling out their phones to text and/or call people to see what they wanted and the guy holding all the knives was selling them LOL. Boy did I feel stupid. Luckily all those thoughts were just running through my head and the perplexion didn’t show on my face.

So apparently this is the place to stop off to get Rowena’s famous blueberry tarts and other sweets and snacks. It was a mad rush and when I walked in everyone was picking up sweets and already pushing to the counter to pay for their orders. I wish I would have taken a picture as it was an interesting sight. I was too amazed at what was going on to take a picture.

Instead of blueberry my eye went directly to the chocolate tarts (if you know me, then you know I love me some chocolate). Not thinking we still had about two hours to get back to Makati so by the time I got back home my chocolate tarts were kind of melted. I ate one of them and man was it good! I stuck the rest in the fridge and have been enjoying one every day since. Definitely will have to stop by there again for more goodies as there was a ton of sweets and snacks there that I will want to try.

Another adventure in the Philippines comes to an end. Until next time…

That’s Today’s Thoughts (TTT)


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