“I’ll Give You Good Price” – A Short Trip to Market! Market!

Ah Market! Market! So apparently this is the smaller/safer (no pick pocketing) version of the famous Green Hills where you can bargain and get good deals especially pearls.  Soon as you walk in  you see the stalls full of amazing jewelery!  The first vendor comes up to you and say’s “Yes ma’am. Fresh water pearls. I’ll give you good price. You can try on.” The first time this is kind of cute. After about 20 it gets rather annoying!  They say this at every single booth. Okay let me say that normally when you shop in the Philippines they say “yes ma’am” all the time at every store! But I swear at Market! Market! they all have the exact same line! 

 Besides pearls,  they also sell a lot of amazing coral too.  There are so many beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets! I will be buying a tremendous amount of gifts over my period of time here in the Philippines. I bought my first pair of pearl earrings that match my necklace that my friend gave me perfectly for 150 PHP ($3.50) that I just happened to be wearing at the time. I didn’t bring much money with me as I didn’t know we would be walking through  (I was on my one day orientation by the relocation/immigration company) there so I only bought the one pair of earrings. I do know that next time I need to have a budget as I can already see myself spending a ton of money! No pics, as again, I’m waiting on my upload cord for my camera. One week to go!!!!

You can also buy fresh produce and flowers at Market! Market!  My host bought a beautiful potted orchid that she had wrapped for around 620 pesos ($12.50). This actually didn’t seem that much of a discount as I can go to Costco in the US and buy a potted orchid for the same price.

Okay side note – I don’t know why, but I compare everything to US prices. Like everything should be cheaper. I know that isn’t the case, especially since I bought  Tabasco sauce for almost $10 when I could buy it in the states for $4 at one of my favorite stores Target, but it’s imported so I know it’s the price worth paying. 

Check out my first purchase of pearl earrings below. I believe these are South Sea Pearl earrings (found commonly in the Philippines):

I will definitely be taking a trip back to Market! Market! I didn’t even get to experience all of it. They looked like they had some great vendors including a guy where you buy coconut from and he will grind up the coconut right then and there. I will be going back just so I can try that!



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