Forever 21 in Makati!

I was soooooooo excited that Forever 21 is literally right outside my doorstep. I love Forever 21 in the states as you can get some cute clothes for very cheap (when I say cheap I mean a couple bucks if you buy it on sale). Even if it tears up after a few wears it was worth the purchase. So I ventured into Forever 21 and they have basically the same stuff they have in the US. I was excited until I looked at the price tag! So in the US you can find some really good deals like shirts for $5 or $8 and tank tops for $2.50. The cheapest shirt I saw that I liked was around $20! No real bargains. I was bummed. Most items of clothing averaged around $20 – $25. Okay I know that isn’t a lot, but I’m cheap LOL I don’t normally shop that much as it is and I am a bargain shopper. I mainly buy all my clothes on sale or at Marshall’s, Ross, TJMaxx, Target and the thrift stores (I am addicted to thrift store shopping especially for household goods and DIY projects).

They did have my size though, which I was worried about. I know I can go there if I want to buy a cute outfit; however, there are other stores that sell cute clothes as well for cheap.

Okay so the positive:

They have great jewelry just like in the US! Check out some of my purchases


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