Filipino Costco and Salcedo Market

S&R is basically Costco. Same exact set-up down to showing your membership card, having electronics in the front and pizza and other food items off to the side. I swear it is Costco! Even a lot of the same brands as the US including Kirkland.  They even have Grapeseed oil which, I asked a ton of people in Manila when I was last here if you could find it here and they didn’t know. Well there it is in good ole S&R. I wish I would have known that before I lugged a bunch of it in my suitcase. Oh well! I signed up immediately and when the hubby came into town we added him on to the membership (700 PHP for membership and 400 PHP for additional member).  The first time I went, I went down basically every aisle. After I left I realized I bought mainly beverages LOL not sure, but I think I was thirsty. I heard you’re not supposed to go shopping when you’re hungry, but I guess that also applies to if your thirsty.

So I realize that a lot of the food here doesn’t have preservatives in it so you have to eat it extremely fast. The hubby and I bought some chicken and beef and about a few days later it started to go bad.  This means when we buy food we have to eat it immediately or within one or two days or else it’s a waste.

Overall S&R is okay. They sell a lot of stuff individually instead of in packs like at Costco. Overall I don’t think the price is as cheap as I would like, but it is a place to get some brands that aren’t as common here in the Philippines like Pop Chips or Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. YUM! I’m sure we’ll be taking monthly trips to S&R, but I won’t be buying as much as I normally would in the US.

Salcedo Market is a small market held on the weekends at a park in Salcedo Village. It has local vendors selling food to eat, seafood, veggies, fruits, sauces, plants, baskets, bread, etc. I like the market because you can find organic fruits and veggies there. I even found a guy from America selling Spirulina (okay another thing that I lugged tons of bottles in my suitcase). Again, it is small so only good for a place to stop really quick and stock up on fruits and veggies and maybe get a quick bite to eat. I did buy a beautiful orchid there that I love! I found some great items that I was surprised to see and will go back again.

*Best Finds:

Purchased at Salcedo Market

Homemade Jasmine Essential Oil 135 PHP ($ 3.16)

½ Kilo (about 1 pound) Fresh Shrimp 170 PHP ($3.98) Okay not sure I this is a good deal but it was for me!

Fresh organic Veggies $3.27

Purchased at S&R

Raw Sugar 83 PHP ($1.94)

*My definition of Best Finds: Great product that is reasonably priced compared to what I can get it for in Cali and/or just something I really like J Hey it’s my definition!


One thought on “Filipino Costco and Salcedo Market

  1. Awesome, glad the food is fresh and that they have the same brands available. I wish American food did not have as many preservatives. I dont like grocerry shopping often but I like FRESH! Worth the trade off. If us Americans did not care about presentation (the way the food looks) soo much it would help.

    Nice to kow you can get your natural oils and your Spirulina. That is a BIG carrot in the picture. lol

    That shrimp was definately a deal compared to Texas, we get frozen shrimp priced from 6.99 – 7.99 a lb.

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