Expat = Rich…Ummm…No!

If only expat life was all peaches and roses. Most people think expats are living the high life getting an expat premium and tons of extra allowances to live in another country. Yes, I did get an expat assignment in a great country where most people speak English and I can find a ton of American brands, but expat life isn’t just a bowl of cherries. You have to get used to a whole new country, culture and a whole new life. Not only are you looked upon as a “foreigner” but they assume because you are a “foreigner” that you’re rich.

So my friends and family know that me and the hubby are not rich. We are simple folk and try to be frugal. We make our own compost, we rip a paper towel in half to share, we rarely go out to eat, we grow our own vegetables to save on money, I cut the hubby’s hair myself and use Groupon, LivingSocial or Restaurant.com when we want to do something extra special.

Living in the Philippines is definitely something to get used to as a lot of places many locals try to take advantage of us. Whether it’s charging more for a service than locals pay, trying to scam us on something like parking or expecting I want to pay an extra 20 PHP ($0.47) for imported nail polish. I may be splurging more than I would be back home, mainly on travel since when am I ever going to be living in Asia ever again?!? However, I’m still not going to fork out 3,000 PHP ($70) for a gym membership at my work or eat dinner out every night. I wish I had a ton of disposable income but we do have a mortgage back home, pets, and a house that’s in the middle of being remodeled.

So here’s to trying to be frugal on an expat assignment while still trying to enjoy all that the assignment has to offer! Let’s just hope we come home with more money then when we left!


3 thoughts on “Expat = Rich…Ummm…No!

  1. Look like you are having a great time checking out everything, and going out on the town. I know you jessy you will stay on budget so you can finish your house. All is well here in the state getting some most need rain take care be safe.


  2. Definately enjoy yourselves while you are there. You only live once! I truly understand your on a budget. So you have confirmed what most people say when they go out of the country. They see money when they find out your from America. The women Ive heard try to get with the American men and offer (services). My homeboy said they will do anything for him when he goes out of the country, basically wait on him hand and foot. He comes back to the states looking down on the American women he dates. I thought he was overexaggerating.

    Has Dean expereinced any flirtations?

    How is your is the house back in the states? Any remodeling going on while your away?

    When you get back, Jovon and I I want to come visit California.

    Love you much.


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