On my way home from work everyday I drive by the Greenbelt (high end malls in Makati). Today I noticed a large group of people walking. Then I realized they were all barefoot! Barefoot In Makati I thought! I only go barefoot at home, in a hotel, other people’s houses or on the beach. Never in the city! Then I noticed a sign that said “TOMS.” I myself don’t own a pair of TOMS, but I do know of the company and their mission. I think I first learned about TOMS when I saw my good friend Heidi sporting a pair of cute red ones. I researched the company when I saw her shoes and thought “how noble!”. If you don’t know about TOMS they are a company that sells shoes. Yeah I know retail. But that’s not all! For every pair of shoes you purchase they donate a brand new pair of shoes to children less fortunate. What a great company to exist in this world where we seem to not care about anyone else!

So today is a “Day Without Shoes,” which is an annual event sponsored by TOMS. I’m sure everyone reading this blog has a pair of shoes, even more pairs then we need. I for one can attest to this! This event is to remind everyone that we all aren’t as fortunate. There are so many people in this world without shoes. So go a day, an hour or even five minutes without shoes. Better yet, buy a pair of TOMS. I’m thinking about it!

TOMS Website

I am in no way affiliated with TOMS.


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