R.I.P. Bella

I received an email yesterday that Bella our bearded dragon passed away. She was nine years old and survived Brutus our other bearded dragon by one year almost exactly.  People may say it was just a lizard, but pets are apart of our family. They are with us everyday and are a big part of our lives. Loss of a pet is not easy. I can’t imagine when our dog Chase or cat Jynx die as I may need to take bereavement leave from work (oh if only I had that).  I’m sad we are on the other side of the world that we weren’t there to see her go, but luckily our friends who are staying at our house buried her under our lemon tree along with Brutus as the hubby instructed in case this happens. I hope they added her name to the miniature coffin the hubby made out of wooden planks from our house remodel.

“…love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” (Kabil Gibran)


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