Breaking the Fast – Vietnam Part 2

So I apologize upfront as I have to write these posts in parts as I’ve been experiencing some discomfort in my right hand so I’m doing as I’m supposed to do (my hubby would actually say for once in my life) and trying to rest my hand by not typing so much and mousing with my left-hand *EEEEK* So hard to do!!!

Vietnam Part 2

We arrived in Vietnam early Saturday morning around 1 AM. So this is really still Day one even though we slept 🙂

As I mentioned in Vietnam Part 1 we had a rooster and some other bird living next to our hotel that would be our alarm every morning so even with little sleep we were up early. The hubby ventured out and found the ATM so that we could actually have some money. He was able to withdraw around  2,040,360 VND ($98 USD) at a time. We later found that you could withdraw the maximum several times a day.

*SIDE NOTE* The VND currency was really hard for me to get used to. Pricing thing in millions is just plain weird

We went down to breakfast at around 7:30 am, but unfortunately there were no tables so we had to wait. We didn’t understand if you just picked a table when someone got up or had to tell one of the waiters that bustled by. We tried asking one of them, but they said something indistinguishable (hmmmm…bell boy deja-vu all over again). I decided to go ask about the tours that they offered while we hoped the tables would free up. I had seen on their hotel website that they offered tours to the Mekong Delta, one of the two things that I wanted to do while I was there (you’ll learn in a later post about the second thing).

In the lobby there was a desk that had a big sign that read, “Tour Desk.” There was no one there when I went, but when I walked up to the desk one of the staff members from the main desk, literally 10 feet away, came over and went behind the tour desk. Not sure why they just don’t handle everything from the main desk, but what do I know, I didn’t major in hospitality.  I asked the guy about the one day Mekong Delta tour and he showed me the pamphlet. There were two different options and I didn’t know which one to choose, but the guy pointed at one and said he liked that one better. That I did understand! It was pretty much what I had read online so we booked the tour for the following day for pick-up at the hotel between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM. The tour cost $15 USD for each person and it included the a/c bus ride, lunch and other snacks. Tour details to be described in a later post.

After booking the tour we headed back into breakfast. We stalked the tables lingering like vultures and quickly sat at a table as soon as a family left. The breakfast was buffet so it was all up to you on what you ate and how much. We decided to have one of us sit at the table while the other got food because we noticed their were other lurkers like us and as soon as you left the table someone else staked their claim.

There was a station where you could have someone serve you Pho (very famous Vietnam noodle dish). I knew I would have to try that during my stay here. Can’t go to Vietnam and not have Pho! Well at least I can’t. You also could have eggs of any kind made as well.  I will spare you the details of all the varieties of food, but I will say my favorite was pate and bread. I don’t think many people know, but Vietnam still has some French influence in some of their foods that was first introduced in the 18th century. You will find street vendors with fresh baguettes and yummy pate. So every morning I made sure to have some pate and bread. My other staple was Vietnamese coffee. Can I say I lovvvvveee Vietnamese coffee. The reason I love it so is because it tastes chocolatey! The hubby hates it just for that reason 🙂 Oh how opposites attract. I could drink about 10 cups of that coffee, but you know I have a bladder the size of a pea so that wouldn’t have been good for exploring Vietnam.

After I enjoyed pate and chocolatey coffee we decided to head out and find the War Remnants Museum that was a must see from all the travel sites I had read. I like museums, but am not a big history buff unlike the hubby so I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. So we set out with our black and white map to see if we could find the museum.
To be continued…


One thought on “Breaking the Fast – Vietnam Part 2

  1. IM sorry your hand is still bothering you . BUt I cant wait to hear more about your trip. And I cant wait till you are home to see the pictures.. I literally think u should block off a whole day just for me.

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