Christmas Message from Jess

I know you all are probably wondering what happened to me blogging. Well around the middle of this year I was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis in my right hand. Basically this means I have discomfort when doing things because of repetition with my hand like typing, gripping, basically almost anything. I’ve tried ice packs, heat packs, splints, bigger pens (even a huge pink bunny pen), physical therapy, anti-inflammatory pills, you name it. My MRI didn’t reveal anything worse, so I’m glad for that. Unfortunately nothing has changed and have to go back to the Docs in January. I try and save most of my typing for work and the occasional FB status update or emailing friends and family. With that said I wanted to say that I will try and give you a recap since of my last blog back in July in about a week or so when I’m on vacation in an amazing place that I’m super excited to be going to (more on that later in a later blog).  But in the meantime I wanted to wish all my firends and family a very Merry Christmas!

This is actually my first Christmas away from the bay area in my 32 years of being on this earth. And though I am sick I am thankful for the fabulous friends and family members that I have known for my entire life, only a few years and those I have just met in the last few months. Though I am thousands of miles apart from some of you I love dearly just know that I am there with you in your hearts.

I know that sometimes we always think the holidays is a time to give thanks to those we love, but really we should be doing this through out the years. Our friends and family is what makes us get through each and every day. Be thankful for those around you and those that help us get up every morning and get through those tough times. Love you all and hope to see those of you that I haven’t seen in awhile in 2013!

~Today’s Thoughts…