Yes I am Moving Back to Cali but Not the Bay

Okay so quick post here since I ended up breaking this news on FB via a reply to a comment LOL Yes, I have been really bad about keeping in touch and also sharing news as well as receiving news. I’m already horrible at calling people back when I’m in the same time zone and now that I am a whole 12 hours ahead of EST and 15 hours of PST it is even worse with me actually talking to people or communicating.

Any who…the hubby and I will be moving to good ol’ Bakersfield, CA in April for my job. Same company, similar role but different department and different location. I’m excited about the new role as I’ll be working in a part of the business that I’ve been wanting to work in for some time. I’m also looking forward to the move. Not the actual MOVING part but, being in a new place. It will be sad to leave my friends here in Manila as well as my friends in the bay area too. Luckily I can always drive to the bay as it is very close and I can make trips back to the Philippines as well in the future (funds permitting).

So new things to come for the hubby and I. Can’t wait to see my family and friends that I haven’t seen, some in over a year, others about six moths. I am super excited to be able to see my dog again.

Anyway, more to come in the future. For now I say goodbye as I’m off to Singapore since I’m trying to squeeze in my last bit of travel before I leave.

~Today’s Thoughts…

“Slow Progress is Still Progress”

Read this article on AskMen about staying in shape that I thought I would share. I was always chunky growing up. Well okay I was fat. I ended up losing weight when I was in college. I know, weird! Usually people pack on the freshman 15 and here I am shedding 60 pounds. Even though I lost a ton of weight my weight has always been a struggle for me. I never made it to my goal weight however, I have been pretty darn close. Any who…this article stresses the importance of moderation in exercise; something I have still yet to grow to love. Obviously more exercise is better but, when you are just starting out moderation is the key. Something I need to remember and not try and push myself too hard. Check out the article. It may just give you the motivation to hang in there.

*This post created via phone. Sorry if it’s not visually pleasing or has grammatical errors.