“Slow Progress is Still Progress”

Read this article on AskMen about staying in shape that I thought I would share. I was always chunky growing up. Well okay I was fat. I ended up losing weight when I was in college. I know, weird! Usually people pack on the freshman 15 and here I am shedding 60 pounds. Even though I lost a ton of weight my weight has always been a struggle for me. I never made it to my goal weight however, I have been pretty darn close. Any who…this article stresses the importance of moderation in exercise; something I have still yet to grow to love. Obviously more exercise is better but, when you are just starting out moderation is the key. Something I need to remember and not try and push myself too hard. Check out the article. It may just give you the motivation to hang in there.


*This post created via phone. Sorry if it’s not visually pleasing or has grammatical errors.

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