Citrus Infused Vinegar

As we move into our new home I am unpacking our stuff that has been in storage for over a year. Since we were in the middle of a remodel at the time of our stuff being packed, a lot of our belongings have drywall dust all over it *YUCK*

I try to be green when I can so I bought some environmentally friendly natural cleaner from The Green Shop and Trader Joe’s. So after using it for two weeks I decided I wanted to make my own.

Tonight I bought some vinegar and oranges (we have a lemon tree at our house in the bay area that I picked a bunch of lemons from this past weekend so I didn’t have to buy lemons. Man I will miss that tree when we rent out our home but my mom has a lemon tree so I can still be cheap and get free lemons). So I peeled one lemon and one orange, put the peel in a mason jar and poured vinegar over it. Sealed the jar and stuck it in the cabinet. Will see how much the vinegar is infused in two weeks. I’m hoping it takes away the strong vinegar smell. Depending how it comes out I may add some essential oils.

*Update from original post*
The next day after I posted this I made two more jars that had grapefruit peels. Looking forward to trying it out next week.

On another note, I bought this new cleaning vinegar. It has 6% acidity versus 5%, but still natural. I know its weird, but I’m super excited to try out my new vinegar. You’ll never see me that excited to do laundry though 🙂


  • Glass jar (any size you want depending on how much cleaner you want to make) that seals
  • Lemon peel
  • Orange peel
  • Distilled vinegar (whatever brand or acidity you choose)

    I just joined The Pintester Movement and since I just joined with only about two days left in the first challenge I’m going to cheat and use this post from last week. I won’t have results until next week, but I’ll make up for it next Pinterest test. I’ll make sure to post results on the scent as well as actual cleaning power.

    Want to joinThe Pintester Movement just click the link and join. It’s time to actually do some of the gazillion things that you post on Pinterest!

    ~ Today's Thoug,h,ts..,.

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