Life’s journey is an adventure. This is the start, well at least for you, of my journey. I am currently on a one year assignment in the Philippines (my hubby has come along too) for work that is coming to an end. I don’t have any specific theme for this blog, but it started with my first trip to the Philippines. Please enjoy my journey through life! I sure hope I do!

A little About Me – I’m in my early 30’s, married for six years with a dog and cat. We have a house that we purchased a few years ago in the bay area (Cali) that is a MAJOR fixer upper. We have been remodeling it since we moved in and it will be a continual process as money doesn’t come easy. I live a simple life where I am constantly trying to improve myself whether it be physically, mentally or through my impact on the environment and on people that come into my life. My goal is to be a better person than I was the day before.

Some of my Interests (not all inclusive): Reading, hiking, thrift shopping, learning to cook & can, DIY, home decoration, remodel, traveling, being green (no I don’t mean Kermit), gardening and of course eating!

Note – I am not the best at spelling and grammar so excuse the misspellings and other stuff that I should have remembered from school. Note to self *take refresher grammar class!*


3 thoughts on “A LITTLE ABOUT ME

  1. I agree – after reading this section, the similarities are a bit spooky! 🙂 I get most of our clothes and home decor pieces from thrift stores and I’m also learning how to can. I look forward to reading through the rest of your blog!

  2. Well welcome to the Philippines. If you need any advice about things please don’t hesitate to ask. I came here with a one year contract that has turned into 8.
    Enjoy it…

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